Peter Okoye shares moment he caught a fraudster using his face on video call to scam people

Top music star, Peter Okoye of PSquare aka Mr P, recently took to social media to share his findings after catching a fraudster pretending to be him .

After discovering a fraudster posing as him, popular musician Peter Okoye of PSquare, also known as Mr. P, recently resorted to social media to disclose his findings.

Zoom Lifestyle, a lottery system, is led by The Singer. He had already issued a number of warnings about scammers utilizing his old films and photographs to trick unsuspecting people online.

The musician demonstrated to his fans how con artists often behave in a new film that was recently spotted on his Instagram page while he was on video call with one of their targets.

The impersonator’s victim, while speaking with Peter on the call, tried to place a call back to the criminal to show Peter Okoye how he operated.

From indications, the fraudster calls his targets on video and uses an old video recording of the celebrity as if he is truly the one on the video call.

Mr P captured the moment on video when the fraudster called back pretending to be the singer and even claiming he had a show to get to, not knowing that he had been found out.

But, the fraudster’s video and speech did not align as he was only using the singer’s image to dupe others.

Captioning the video, Peter Okoye wrote:
“I CAUGHT A FRAUDSTER PRETENDING TO BE ME⛔️ How people keep falling these Scammers amazes me! Like how? It has been 2 years I stopped anchoring and calling @zoomupyourlife winners!

They Fraudsters insert my old videos in-front of you and start communicating with you in the background! Pls let’s be guided!”

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