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Nursing Jobs in Lagos State 2023 Part Time Nursing Jobs in Lagos

Are You Looking for 2023 Nursing Jobs in Lagos State with Accommodation? We shall discuss current nursing jobs in private hospitals in Lagos state, as well as NGO and school nurse vacancies in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Browse nursing jobs in Lagos with accommodation, nursing jobs in Lagos state 2023, and how to apply for jobs.

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You might feel helpless in your search for work right now, but rest assured that this is not fully the case.

Although there is more competition now, there are also more chances. The availability of additional talent thanks to remote employment has increased hiring diversity.

Prior to the pandemic, most recruiters were only able to consider candidates who lived in their cities. Today’s companies may now find talent everywhere thanks to virtual work settings.

Now is the moment to seize these chances and develop a calculated strategy for your application procedure.

There are still strategies to position oneself as a marketable prospect even when you have no control over the market’s ebb and flow.

Location: Conexus MedStaff  Lagos, Nigeria

Nursing Jobs in Lagos State Description

Job Description

Strictly adhere to clinical guidelines and standard operating procedures set by the hospital management.

Administer medications, monitor desirable and undesirable effects, and intervene appropriately.

Ensure that patients are provided with appropriate nutrition.

Demonstrate required assessment and therapeutic skills.

Analyze the assessment data, derive nursing interventions, set priorities according to patients’ needs, formulate a plan of care, implement and evaluate the outcome.

Involve the patient, significant others, and health care providers in the plan of care when appropriate.

The ideal candidate goes one step further by being a critical thinker, fast to act in emergencies.

Requirements For Nursing Jobs in Lagos State

The candidate must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria as staff nurse (RN) / Midwife (RM).

Applicant must have 1 – 3 years experience in taking delivery and must possess a current practicing licence.

Treat patients and families with care and respect while maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality.

Must have clinical experience in direct patient care.

Excellent knowledge of aseptic and sterile techniques.

Solid understanding of patient safety and precautions.

In-depth knowledge of surgical operation procedures.

Outstanding organizational ability.

A great team player with excellent communication skills.

Cool tempered with emotional and physical stamina.

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