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The gubernatorial candidate of the Kano State Action Democratic Party (ADP) and a member of the House of Representatives, Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada, has condemned in totality the ban of tricycles on major roads, without due consultations and provision of alternatives for operators.

Shaaban who criticized the ban on tricycles on major state roads by the state government warned that the action negates the principles of human development.

Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada made the statement in a press statement made available to newsmen by his campaign council spokesperson, Abbas Yushau Yusuf in Kano.

He said at a time when the government is supposed to come up with ideas to address youth restiveness and divert their attention from crimes and drug abuse, it is rather focused on the path of persecution.

Ibrahim Sharada who is the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Intelligence and National Security sympathized with commuters and tricycle operators over the hardship allegedly inflicted on them by the state government.

He said even though the transportation system in Kano is in urgent need of a total overhaul, the manner, in which the current administration is going about it signals an absolute disregard for the livelihood and welfare of residents.

“This measure will subject pregnant women, schoolchildren, and hardworking citizens to unwarranted trekking, leading to the loss of productivity or even lives.”

“In addition, it will retard the economic well-being of the tricycle owners, operators, repairers, oil and spare part merchants, as well as the millions of Kano people who eke out a living from the operation of tricycles.” He added.

The ADP gubernatorial candidate blamed the Kano State government for pursuing policies that force the populace to rely on tricycles in the first place.

“Such policies include the deliberate disregard for metropolitan roads as well as the uncontrolled allocation of parking spaces that makes car owners prefer the tricycles over their own vehicles.”

He said the government should have brought out a plan that will alleviate the sufferings of commuters and engage the tricycle value chain in economic activities that will replace their lost earnings.

Sha’aban called on Kano citizens to vote for the ADP in the forthcoming election to usher in a government that will carry stakeholders along in every decision.

“We in the ADP have an integrated transport management plan for Kano State, which will be presented to all stakeholders for their consideration and review.”

“We will also ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in the successful execution of all the policies of our government.” He added.

Sha’aban said despite government claims of bringing in new buses, what has it done to cushion the effect of restricting tricycle riders on every Road? And again, the government did not tell us the number of buses to be used on every road or where they are going to stop after picking people up.

Sharada said there is also a special lane for mass transit operators in developed countries when they pick up and drop off passengers, asking how many bus stop the Kano government has constructed for that purpose.

”Will the buses meet the demands of the passengers as obtained in countries where they use mass transit?

The governorship hopeful added that when policies like this are introduced, the government should tell the general public the number of passengers the buses are supposed to contain, the timing of picking up and dropping off, as well as the price of the tickets. The modalities of buying the tickets and when to buy the tickets.

Sharada described the policy as dictatorial, where the state government has left the decision in the hands of a few people, noting that policies are made by the government for the well-being of the populace.

He noted that in advanced countries of the world, there is an announcement of when the buses will arrive at the bus stop so that passengers are put on alert.

Sharada claimed the government came up with the policy without proper stakeholder engagement and public enlightenment, thereby restricting the tricycle operators at this material time.

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