Online Study In Nigeria: All You Need To Know In 2023

Online Study In Nigeria: All You Need To Know In 2023

with their tight schedules.

Education is an important tool in human development and is responsible for the marked difference between us, human beings and other creatures. The high demand in education outweighed the supply from traditional classroom education thereby giving way to the establishment of the aforementioned NOUN in July 1983 as the maiden distance learning higher institution.

The Act of the National Assembly that established National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) was however suspended months later by the military government of General Muhammadu Buhari, who had dethroned the last democratically elected president Shehu Shagari whose administration initiated the Act, before it was later revitalised in 2002 by President Olusegun Obasanjo’s democratic government to fulfil its initial purpose in addition to making up the void created by government’s embargo on numerous university study centres as well as the need to enjoy the benefits associated with the giant strides made in the ICT field that has transformed the instructional delivery techniques in distance learning.

Advantages Of Online Study In Nigeria

  • 1) Access To Materials In Multi-media Format
  • Students have the opportunity to learn with the aid of the following ways: CD/DVDs, Web cams etc.

2) Helps Improve Your Technical Skills
Through Online Study, you can tremendously improve your technical skills at your workplace.

3) Connect To A Professional Network
Online Study gives student the opportunity to tap into a wide variety of professional network with friends/classmates around the world.

4) Trend
Armed with your online degree, you can comfortably stay ahead of the trend.

Disadvantages Of Online Study In Nigeria

1) Lack Of Human Interaction
Online Study can’t offer face-to-face human interaction like the traditional classroom education would. Traditional classroom education teaches students on building friendship, competition and managing disappointment.

2) Lack Of Accreditation
There are some online degrees with no accreditation and this could lead to a worthless degree in the workforce market therefore it is important to make sure the online program is accredited before enrolling as online students.

3) Limited Spaces
Online courses don’t have the capacity to accommodate thousands of students during online discussions.

4) Additional Work
In comparison with traditional classroom courses, online courses normally require more work whether on assignments or reading.

5) Intense Self-discipline
Online study requires intense self-discipline on the part of students.

Online students are required to possess the necessary time management and organisational skills to carry out online tasks as well as prevent their coursework from suffering against other facets of life and vice versa.

6) Intense self-direction
Course advisors are always on hand to help students on how to chart their educational path when it comes to traditional classroom education however online students have to be self-directional in searching for information needed during the course of their degree plan.

Personal computer
High-speed internet
In the event that you don’t have the aforementioned items, the use of a public cybercafe would suffice.

Aside the fact that Online study in Nigeria still has a lot to improve on, it should best be seen as a complementary form rather than replacement form of study for traditional classroom education

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