Top 10 Online Shopping Websites 2023

You’re gonna have an overview of top rated shopping websites all over the world. It is quite important to know how world is shifting its way of purchasing various things to online shops instead buying by visiting the store physically. It is just so because, in this growing age, everyone wants to do their tasks just a click away. So you can shop the goods of your own choice by choosing the best online shopping stores. Here we have discussed an overview of Top rated Shopping websites which will make you realize that how huge setup it is. Not only purchasing the things but you can build your own online store and sell the things in different areas all across the world.

There are deals, discounts round the year and the convenience of it makes online shopping a big hit. Have you wondered which are the most popular online shopping sites in the world? Here you’re gonna find the answer to this question.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a top ranked online shopping website founded by Jeff Bezos. This platform has over one billion users in its network and has drawn more than seventy-two percent of all US e-commerce traffic. However, Amazon faces great competition from rivals like Walmart, Target and others.

  • Founder: Jeff Bezos
  • Founded: July 5, 1994; 28 years ago, Bellevue, Washington U.S.
  • Headquarter: Seattle, Washington, Arlington, Virginia, USA
  • Revenue: USD 469.822 billion (2021)
  • Net Income: USD 33.364 billion (2021)
  • Total Assets: USD 420.549 billion (2021)
  • No. of employees: 1,608,000 (December 2021) 950,000 (June 2021)
  • Reach: Worldwide

2. Taobao

Taobao is China’s largest and world’s second largest e-commerce website. It was founded in 1998 and has more than 5 million active buyers a day. Taobao is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce sites and it is also one of the most visited websites on the Internet. The company has over 5 million active buyers a day and it generates more than $10 billion in sales each year. It also has a large number of offline stores that sell mainly to Chinese people living in other countries.

  • Founder: Jack Ma
  • Founded: 28 June 1999 Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Headquarter: No. 969 West Wen Yi Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China and George Town, Cayman Islands
  • Revenue: USD 15.1 million (2021)
  • Net Income: USD 21080 (2020)
  • Total Assets: CN¥1.696 trillion (US$267.467 billion, 2022)
  • No. of employees: 101,958
  • Reach: China

3. Ebay

Ebay is among the world’s largest online marketplace. It allows buyers to buy from sellers at a fraction of the cost. The online marketplace has created a lot of opportunities for businesses, but also for users to search for products that they need. You can sell your used car on eBay and get some money in the process. Apart from finding a buyer who will pay you a fair price, there is also the option of selling your car via eBay, but if you have decided to sell off your vehicle here, it’s important that you know what to expect.

  • Founder: Pierre Omidyar
  • Founded: September 3, 1995; 26 years ago
  • Headquarter: San Jose, California, USA
  • Revenue: USD 10.42 billion (2021)
  • Net Income: USD 13.61 billion (2021)
  • Total Assets: 26.63 billion (2021)
  • No. of employees: ~10,800 (December 2021)
  • Reach: Worldwide

4. Walmart

This is a very popular website for buying and selling things. It has an enormous user base, which is estimated to be around 1.5 billion per month. The website features over 100 million products on its site, and one of its main features is the ability to order from anywhere in the world with the click of a button. The site also allows users to search through products by price, brand, category etc., and place orders with their selected product. The website also offers other services like shopping cart, home delivery etc., as well as offers coupons and discounts on certain items that are sold exclusively.

  • Founder: Sam Walton
  • Founded: July 2, 1962; 60 years ago in Rogers, Arkansas
  • Headquarter: Bentonville, Arkansas, USA
  • Revenue: USD572.8 billion (2022)
  • Net Income: USD 13.67 billion (2022)
  • Total Assets: 244.86 billion (2022)
  • No. of employees: 2,300,000 (Jan. 2022)
  • Reach: Worldwide

5. Jindong (JD)

JD is a Chinese online store that provides shopping services. It is used for shopping for products and services. It started as an online magneto-optical store, but soon diversified, selling electronics, mobile phones, computers, and similar items. The company changed its domain name to 360buy in June 2007 and then to JD in 2013.

  • Founder: Liu Qiangdong
  • Founded: 6 June 2009; 13 years ago
  • Headquarter: Beijing, China
  • Revenue: CN¥951.592 billion (US$149.325 billion, 2021)
  • Net Income:CN¥4.467 billion (-US$701.015 million, 2021)
  • Total Assets:CN¥496.507 billion (US$77.913 billion, 2021)
  • No. of employees: 310,000 (Dec 2020)
  • Reach: China

6. Shopify

It is also another best online shopping website where you can In the world of e-commerce, there are a lot of differences between traditional brick and mortar shops and online stores. Shopify is a platform where you can create your own products, sell them and make money from it. . You have the option to use Shopify On-Premise or O365 hybrid. Although there are some limitations, it is still one of the best platforms for selling online. Shopify offers a large selection of themes and plugins depending on your personal preference. Other than that, they also offer you special discount coupons which can be used to reduce your monthly payment or free shipping. There are many different ways in which you can make money from Shopify.

  • Founders: Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake
  • Founded: 2006; 16 years ago Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Headquarter: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Revenue: USD 4.61 billion (2021)
  • Net Income: USD 2.91 billion (2021)
  • Total Assets: USD 13.34 billion (2021)
  • No. of employees: 10,000+
  • Reach: Worldwide

7. Bestbuy

This is the top hardware retailer online with more than 1.5 million stores in the US and Canada. In addition, they are also one of the biggest retailers for consumer electronics, accessories and home electronics across North America. They were started as a small storefront in 1946. Over the decades, they have grown to become one of the largest retail companies in North America with their headquarters located in Richfield, MN .Best Buy also had a franchise program which allowed them to buy stores that were left vacant after other retailers went out of business. The stores were renovated and made into Best Buy Stores. This was the first time a major retail company started this type of program.

  • Founders: James Wheeler, Richard M. Schulze
  • Founded: August 22, 1966; 55 years ago in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
  • Headquarter: Richfield, Minnesota, USA
  • Revenue: USD 51.76 billion (2022)
  • Net Income: USD 2.45 billion (2022)
  • Total Assets: USD 17.50 billion (2022)
  • No. of employees: 105,000 (January 2022)
  • Reach: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico

8. Target

US-based retail giant Target is also extremely popular among online shoppers. They have been one of the most successful retailers in the world for many years. Their slogan is “Just Do It” which helps them to be successful and reach their target market.

Target has grown from a small mom and pop store to the largest retailer in the world. They have the largest selection of products in any retail store, are a pioneer in the e-commerce industry and have been very successful in winning customers for over 50 years. Although their success is largely attributed to their marketing techniques, they do not neglect customer service. They offer free delivery services for many products.

  • Founders: George Dayton (corporation) Douglas Dayton & John Geisse (Store)
  • Founded: June 24, 1902; 120 years ago (corporation), June 24, 1902; 120 years ago (corporation)
  • Headquarter: Target Plaza 1000, Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Revenue: USD 106 billion (2021)
  • Net Income: USD 4.368 billion (2021)
  • Total Assets: USD 51.248 billion (2021)
  • No. of employees: 409,000 (2020)
  • Reach: USA, Canada

9. Rakuten

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten which was founded in 2004. It has been a pioneer in the e-commerce industry. In 2016, it was valued at $50 billion. Rakuten is one of the most popular shopping websites in Japan and the world. . It was ranked as the 10th-best e-commerce site in 2016. Rakuten is operated and owned by Rakuten Holdings Co., Ltd, which also owns a subsidiary company Invero Inc.

  • Founder: Hiroshi Mikitani
  • Founded: 7 February 1997; 25 years ago
  • Headquarter: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
  • Revenue: ¥ 1,681.76 billion (2021)
  • Net Income: ¥ −135.8 billion (2021)
  • Total Assets: ¥ 16,831.2 billion (2021)
  • No. of employees: 18,364 (2021)
  • Reach: 30 countries

10. The Home Depot

The Home Depot is a US-based retail giant that sells appliances, furniture, building materials and hardware.

  • Founders: Hiroshi Mikitani Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, Pat Farrah, Ken Langone
  • Founded: February 6, 1978; 44 years ago
  • Headquarter: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Revenue: USD 151.16 billion (2021)
  • Net Income: USD 16.43 billion (2021)
  • Total Assets: USD 71.88 billion (2021)
  • No. of employees: 490,600 (Dec 2021)
  • Reach: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Us virgin islands


Above stats about to 10 Online shopping websites has clarified that how Online shopping in the last few years has really taken off — more so since the pandemic. There are deals, discounts round the year and the convenience of it makes online shopping a big hit. Due to just a click away, world is getting used to it.Top 10 Online Shopping Websites

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