The top 10 Google Chrome extensions you need to know in 2022

Google Chrome extensions are a great way to customize your browsing experience and improve your online productivity. In this article, we’ll share the top 10 Google Chrome extensions you need to know in 2022. 

1. Keep track of your shopping progress: Shopify Shopping is an extension that helps you keep track of your shopping progress on Shopify. This extension will automatically keep a running tally of how much money you’ve spent, what items you’ve bought, and when you’ll receive your packages. 

2. Stay organized with Calendly: Calendly is an extension that helps you stay organized with your calendar. This extension will add events from a variety of sources (such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Facebook Events, and Outlook Calendar) into your Calendly account so that you can easily manage all of your appointments in one place. 

1.Google Calendar

Looking to organize your life, and not just your work schedule? Google Calendar is the best way to go! This extension from Google lets you add events, reminders, and tasks with just a few clicks. You can also keep track of your calendar on the web or on your phone. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to keep track of your appointments or want an all-in-one solution for managing your daily schedule, Google Calendar is the perfect tool for you!


Google has a vast repository of useful extensions that can enhance your browsing experience. Whether you need to find the right words for a document or just want to speed up your workflow, these extensions have got you covered. 

One extension, Scribe, is designed to help you keep track of what you’ve written and what needs to be edited. Using Scribe, you can add Notes and Highlights to any document, and then easily access them when you need them. 

Another great Google extension is Google Clader. This handy tool lets you create professional-quality slideshows with just a few clicks. You can choose from a variety of templates and add your own photos and videos, making it easy to share your ideas with others. 

Finally, there are a number of other helpful extensions that will make your online life easier.


Google has released a new extension called Grammarly that is supposed to help users with grammar and writing. The extension is available as a Chrome and Firefox add-on, and has been touted as an essential tool for writers. Google claims that the extension can correct up to 90% of grammar mistakes made on websites. The Grammarly extension also includes a handy plagiarism detector, so writers can be sure that their work is free from copyright infringement.


Loom is a Google Extension that makes it easy to create simple and complex projects. With Loom, you can easily create a project plan, add resources, and track your progress. Loom also has a variety of useful extensions, such as the ability to import files from Google Drive and the ability to export projects to PDF or HTML.

5.Hubspot Sales

Google has introduced a new extension for its Google Chrome web browser that allows users to access and manage their sales leads from within the browser. The Google Hubspot Sales extension is available as a free add-on to Chrome and works with the company’s existing Salesforce platform. 

Users can access their leads, contact information, and buttons to send them emails or text messages from within the extension. The extension also includes a “heat map” that shows where users are spending their time on the website and an “activity stream” that shows how many leads have been added, contacted, or closed since last week. 

Google said that it plans to release additional extensions for its Salesforce platform in the future that will allow customers to work with data such as customer profiles, product data, and financial data.


Google is always on the lookout for new and useful extensions, so it was no surprise when they released their own LastPass extension. This extension adds a number of handy features to your Google account, including the ability to store passwords in sync between your Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as a “Find My Device” feature that lets you track down lost or stolen devices. If you’re looking for an extension that will make your Google experience even better, then be sure to check out the LastPass extension.


Google has released a new extension called Everhour. Everhour is a Google Chrome extension that provides users with helpful tips and tricks on how to use various Google products. The extension includes tips for using Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, and more. 

Some of the useful features of the extension include: 

– A quick guide to using Google Docs: this guide covers everything from creating a new document to formatting text. 

– Tips for better productivity with Gmail: learn how to organize your inbox, set up filters, and more. 

– Five ways to make use of YouTube: find out how to add annotations, create playlists, share videos with friends, and more. 

– Everything you need to know about Google Sheets: learn how to create simple reports, work with data frames and sheets, and More!

8.Awesome Screenshot

If you’re anything like me, you love taking screenshots. Whether it’s to capture a funny moment or to illustrate a point, screenshots are essential for any computer user. But what if you don’t have an external screenshot tool? Or what if your current screenshot tool is a little clunky? Google has got your back with their Awesome Screenshot extension.

This free extension provides a variety of features to make capturing and editing screenshots easier than ever. You can add text, graphics, and other objects to your screenshots easily, and the extension even includes a built-in editor that lets you change the size, color, and position of objects in your screenshot. Plus, you can share your screenshots with just a couple of clicks using the built-in sharing features on Chrome or Firefox.

9.Checker Plus for Gmail

Google Checker Plus for Gmail is an extension that enhances your Gmail experience by providing quick and easy access to important information. With Checker Plus, you can keep track of your email account’s current state, view statistics, and more. You can even create custom reports with just a few clicks.


Google has released a new extension for their Chrome browser that promises to help you stay focused. The Google StayFocused extension is available as a free download from the Chrome Web Store. 

You can install the extension by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner of your browser window, then selecting “Tools” and “Extensions”. You will see a list of all of your installed extensions, including the newly-added StayFocused. Click on it to open its settings page. 

On this page you will be able to configure how the extension works. The default setting is “On Startup”. This means that when you start Chrome, the extension will start working immediately.

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