On-Page SEO: How to Improve Your Google Rankings 2022

On-Page SEO: How to Improve Your Google Rankings 2022.

So, I have already explained How to start with SEO and how it is very important in blogging. Now we are going to take a look at the steps that are being taken by SEO posting which means that all the postings dedicated to these steps, we will see a change in ranking.

There are two levels of On-Page SEO and Off-Page

On-Page SEO aims to improve the posting, by adding keywords to the post, writing high quality content, adding links to the post, internal and external. and external), you are targeting high rich keyword, and make sure that your keyword appears everywhere from the meta tags, of the article to the posting.
it is on-page seo and it is in the middle of posting, that is in posting.

On-Page SEO

Google has recently released new updates on changes to its search algorithms, which have affected a number of areas, including On-Page Seo.

Google always aims to get everyone who visits your site, finds and brings content to your site, and pays for it, so they check the status of the time spent on your site when logged in. As a result, it is preferable to write a long essay, which can take 10 to 20 minutes to read.

This guarantees the value and value of your site, saying that they will all rank higher in your First SERP ranking.
And on-page seo is almost more important than off-page because even if you do not submit off-page as long as you are on-page then you are out ranking all your competitors.

Things to do to promote On-Page Seo to your posting, while boosting your traffic on google.

One of the most important things a blogger should pay attention to is the speed of his website. because while ranking. Google looks for a fast-paced page and starts sending messages first, being google every day and always wanting to please, their site visitors, so everything they want is made easier for them. You can use online tools such as google speed insight, or gmtrix, or ubbersuggest site audit tools to check the speed of your site.
If you are looking for a site that is open to the public, you can reduce the weight by viewing unused scripts, css or compressing the image of your

• Tags Fundamentals
This area is very important when submitting On-page seo, you have to fill in the blank tags such as, title meta tags, description meta tags and so on.
These are the places where if you look at something every time you look at something in the search engines, you will see a result showing you its title, and from the bottom of the title you will see some short text, then these text are meta description, title and meta title, they play an important role in ranking in SEO and they also have guidelines on how to rank them, by labeling them by keyword.

• Unique Content
When I say unique content, I mean essays that you create yourself from non-existent, and then you write it according to the principle of how to write web articles, you are using the greatest possible words in English or a different language. an essay written on the terms and conditions of writing, using the most possible keywords, proverbs, or some other wise sayings that will delight the reader and keep him or her up to the end of the text, such essays are that unique content. and they are sorted using heading, from header1, header2, header3 to header4, so that they are in sections.

• Easy Navigating Content
An easy-to-use article, if it is your posting at all after you have divided it into sections, section by section at the beginning of the post then insert the title of each section so that one knows what my posting is about, because it is different. All posts need to be viewed You can do the same. This is called the Table of Content, almost certainly not easy for WP users to install, because only plugins can use it.

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